Does anyone have experience with the current version of this amp?

I'm needing to pick up a bass amp and one of these popped up locally. I'm a longtime guitarist and have recently stepped into the bass world with a couple bands, and I'm tired of using whatever amp happens to be available . I'll be running this with a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass, the one with the active preamp and single humbucker if that matters.

I've read that in reality it's a 150W amp instead of 400W
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If it's 150 watt RMS, it may struggle in certain band situations. I've never been blown away by any of my experiences with Peavey amps (especially in that regard).
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The Peavey Tour TKO 115 is rated at 400 watts. It is loud, and a bit large for a typical 1x15" combo amplifier. It has a good tone and is a good amp for all but the louder gigs, since there is a speaker output to drive a separate cabinet. The only drawbacks are the large size (it is a very deep combo, which makes lifting it a bit difficult) and the fact that it weighs 73 pounds. But if you can handle the size and the weight, you'll have yourself a fine bass amplifier.
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Yeah, I own one, and it hasn't let me down yet. I always use it with an extension cab, so either way I'll be getting the full 400w.

As previously said, great tone but really cumbersome.
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