I have a Dean ML-X i bought from a pawn shop not too long ago and the neck is shit. I wanna replace the neck with a 24 fret, any recommendations?
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You could purchase a new neck with 24 frets with bolt on design and stick it in, I imagine its not that simple, I have never attempted something like this so I maybe wrong.

You will most definitely have to fiddle around with your bridge saddles for a while to get your guitars intonation back on track. The guitars neck will be a tad longer to accommodate the extra 2 frets, which will make the string length longer thus the intonation goes to crap.

You may want to have a browse through http://www.warmoth.com/ they're quite a respected custom guitar company (I haven't heard anything bad about them at least).

This is balls deep in guitar modification, so don't expect this to cheap.

This company seems to sell guitar necks a little cheaper, but with much less options. http://tntcustomguitars.com/Necks_c11.htm

In my opinion....for the amount of money it may cost to get this done, it really isn't worth it just to get the extra 2 frets.

But saying all that...I may be ENTIRELY WRONG so hopefully one of the many guitar gurus of ultimate guitar will check this out and give a more definitive or helpful answer than I have.
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I bought a cheapo Chinese 24-fret neck off eBay for my last build and I have to say I've been very pleased with it. There are, of course, plenty of other sources for guitar necks.

So far as getting it to fit on your guitar, most of the issues are covered in this thread.