So I really like this song called Empty by Love and Death and the refrain has this riff and vocal-line that is really cool.

What scales are being used by the guitars and vocals?
I really like the instrumental interplay and thats why I am asking, so that I can build some of my riffs around these scales.

The guitars are tuned to drop G# I think if that would help.
Sorry but theory isn`t my best area so be nice.

I just gotta say that the guy and main songwriter actually is Head from Korn. He also sings. The younger dude who sings is the young guitar whiz J.R. Bareis.
You guys should definitely check out their debut album called Between Here and Lost!

Dissonance is underrated.
Sounds like a locrian to me.
Or you can use the phrygian because the notes around the 5th arn't being played.

In the main riff. It sounds like it's just going Root, -3, Root , -7

On the other part....It's just going Root, -2, Root -7
The riff sounds different because -7 is in a lower octive or a whole tone down from
the root.

Cant say exactly for the chorus. It's really easy but there's too many tones going.

It sounds totally wickage with guitar having two different tones like that.
You can over dube it or use a pitch shifter.
Most pitch shifter have only semi tone shifting intervals.
If you want it emulate it while playing with only 1 guitar.
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Yea it does sound a little bit like locrian in F or something
What do you mean by Root, -3?

Yea, it`s really cool and these guys are pretty basic when it comes to songwriting but it still sounds like theres much going on and the "lazy" singing fits perfectly!
Dissonance is underrated.
I didn't un tune my guitar. I used the G note as the root. My guitar was un tuned
at the time so it didn't matter. I kind da mess with my Fx pitch shifta...and off I went into a jam session.lol

Anyway....., The G note as the ROOT ( E string , fret 3)
The flat 3 or -3 .The Bb note........... (A string , fret 1)
The flat 7 or -7. The F note...............( D string, fret 3) or ( A string ,fret 8)

On the other riff with -2 and -7.
I just played it on the low E string. G, Ab, F or fret 1,3 and 4.
Im pretty sure you played it plenty.

I wont go into much theory. I might confuse ya. A lot of people use this method
to communicate music, now. it's much faster.
The - signs are just to tell you to play a note flat from the diatonic interval.
So 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are all natural notes in the diatonic/maj scale.
The locrian is 1,-2,-3, 4,-5, 6,-7
At the very least you might want know what the interval to a major scale are.
You're basically going warp it.lol


Every fret on the guitar are 1/2 step...of course.
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