I've been recently making some big jumps in skill level and I'm thinking about buying a new electric as a result. I'm currently using an Ibanez AS73 (hollow-body) which I've had for about a year now. I LOVE the sound, I LOVE the feel of it, but I'm itching for a new electric. In addition to that I have a '63 SG I got from my father, which feels great as well but the pickups are either on their last limb or were never very good in the first place.

This is the song I'm learning right now, it's definitely the hardest I've ever tackled but I've pretty much got the lead part down.

http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/haken-celestial-elixir-tab-s91733t3 (measure 244 onward is a good example of where I am, if anybody cares to look)
For the record, most of what I play/listen to is prog rock - the above song is a prime example.

I love the general feel and the sound of the Ibanez but I love the action and super-thin strings I can put on the SG. I'm also biased towards buying (or at least trying) a seven-string because of the guitarist in the above song.

I'm not asking for guitar recommendations, really, more just wondering - am I wasting my money buying a new guitar already? Because as proud as I am of how far I've come recently I feel like I might be jumping the gun. I'd be so pleased to go drop a grand on a guitar right now but that would be the last I'd get for a very long time. And, also, comments on maybe getting a seven-string? I feel like it would require a bit of re-learning, and I have no idea how I could possibly figure out if I liked it before buying one.

Thanks a bunch for any tips.
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Is that a real 63 Gibson SG? Try changing the pickups first, but keep the originals. You can sell the pickups later if you still don't like the tone.
Yeah, so far as I know it's a '63. Beat up as hell but nothing that effects performance (except the pickups).

It took me about fifteen minutes to actually find a picture of the same model - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/archive/201106T03.html

Nearly identical to this, except for being faded and covered in scars. And a whammy bar. And a missing dial.

Once I've had a chance to try a few new guitars I'll see about switching out the pickups.
Do not sell or lose the pickup. Save for a new guitar if you want one, but don't sell that. Lucky guy!

Also, try getting a good tube amp, if you don't have one yet and you got extra cash. That can result in a huge improvement.
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sell me that guitar! :O
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Haha. You're just making me more eager to get new pickups and play it again!
I did some digging with the serial number - if the info is correct it's a '65. For whatever difference that makes.
But I'm still debating buying a new one, with an extra string. May be to deep a question to ask here, I'll just have to go searching I suppose.
If you want to go the seven-string route, then you're obviously going to have to buy a new guitar.

If you decide not to get a seven string, then I think your best bet is to drop new pickups in the SG if you already love the way the guitar feels. And if you think the action on the Ibanez is too high, just go get it set up or learn to do it yourself.
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