Good day,

I am having trouble with my Dragonfire Texas Blues pickups. Config details will be listed below.

There are three issues:
1) There is static build-up occurring that is rather noticeable while playing. It causes a snap/crackle/pop sound periodically as my hand hits the pick guard.
2) There is essentially no roll off on the tone...well, at least I can't hear a difference. The only sound difference I can get is based on pickup height. I am used to my Gibson where I can roll it off to sound like mud if I want.
3) The 5 way selector only has three noticeable settings. Bridge, Bridge/quack, and then the three others involving middle and neck. The 3 states involving middle and middle/neck sound like the tone is rolled off, but the bridge state is wide open sounding. Since the tone pots don't respond as I would expect, there is no middle ground.


I am using official Fender 250k pots and Fender 5 way switch.
It was wired according to a Texas special diagram my dad had on hand, but I just found this one and it has a bridge wire for all the pots (mine does not, as the other diagram did not show it)


I have quadruple-checked the solder joint integrity and the adherence to the diagram wiring. All looks right.

I also used foil tape for ducts to shield the guard, and as you can see in the photo, even tested a ground from the pot to guard via a wire taped down. It seemed to help some with the static, but could be placebo.

NOTE: I am using a .047 Orange Drop.

Any assistance would be most welcome. Thanks!
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I may have just found it. The diagram tripped me up, because I thought the left leg of the cap was supposed to go to the center pole of the pot, but in fact, it looks like it should really go to ground. I will see if that works.
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SWEET! That is was it! It works perfectly!

Just in case someone else has this issue, once the cap was grounded properly, the tone pots worked perfectly with great roll off. Per this diagram config, the bridge is not affected, which works great for me!