I'm considering changing the bridge pickup in my MIM Fender Telecaster for a single-coil sized humbucker as I play a lot of pop-punk and post-hardcore stuff. But I don't want to lose that nice 'twangy' clean sound when using both pickups. So I'm looking at the Seymour Duncan Lil 59/Hot Rails/Hot Lead Stack (STK-T2b). Which of these is likely to be best for these styles of music? Are there any other pickups I should be looking at? Thanks!
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Dimarzio chopper T is nice
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IMO, a stacked pickup is a better option than a rail-style for the tones you're looking for. Out of the options you listed, I think the Hot Stack is probably your best bet.

This pickup also strikes me as a good choice for you.

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Thanks for all the replies. The Area Hot T sounds ideal, and doesn't change the look of the guitar which is a bonus!