Hi, I sumbitted a tab around three weeks ago (11 Jan I think?) (http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/pantera/strength_beyond_strength_ver3_tab.htm) and it was on queue for a almost a week and I ultimately recieved an email that said that the tab had been rejected and I think it had recieved no votes while on the queue, so I sent it again on 21 Jan and it got accepted today 30 Jan.
But today I noticed that the tab had been accepted on 20 Jan, but I recieved an email on 21 Jan telling me that it was rejected despite it was accepted, and I don't know why that happened
So, my question is: can somebody delete Ver 4 of my tab and leave Ver 3 there, since Ver 4 is a duplicate of it?
Thank you

PD: I'm sorry if this was confusing to read