I'm a guitarist from cologne, at the moment I study at the MGI in Cologne and produce my own songs.

My new album "Playgrounds" was recorded in my own little homestudio. I play all the guitars, bass and keyboards, the drums were arranged using Addictive Drums.

In terms of music, I'd say it's like a synthesis of metal, rock and alternative with some pieces of pop. The whole album is instrumental, my guitar replaces vocals. It's not that typical instrumental album, because I focussed on great melodies and hooks even without vocals.

So everyone who's interested, visit juliansuhrmusic.bandcamp.com and stream and download the whole thing for free (or pay something if you it's worth to pay for).

And if you like what you hear - like me on Facebook: Facebook.com/juliansuhrmusic

visit juliansuhrmusic.bandcamp.com