I have been thinking how best to spend my money on improving sound mostly I want to add drums on a loop to play my guitar over . Now I have an amp , loop pedals but I having been thinking about getting an audio user interface and using my computer ,I would have to get active monitor speaks or hi if amp and speakers not sure what is best! then getting draw software, guitar software like amplitube and getting addictive drums to make drum beats to play alone with . would this be the best way to go about it wondering what other peoples setups are ?
I'm not too familiar on the other things, but I do know speakers.

Whether you should get an amp (you probably mean hybrid amp with a pre-amp and power amp built in) and passive speakers or a set of monitor speakers depends entirely on your budget.

M-Audio and Paradigm make great active monitors that are availabe for $150-300. They're the size of bookshelf speakers, include separate tweeters and woofers, and have a nice, balanced sound with a good bit of punch.

When you start getting into higher grade audio using passive speakers, prepare to shell out at least twice that. I have a pair of bookshelf speakers at home from a Canadian company called Totem. They're considered entry level and they cost $650. A good hybrid 2-channel amp from Marantz, NAD, etc., is going to run you at least $300-400. If you truly go with separates (a stand-alone preamp and power amp), you're looking at around $600 to power your speakers, then you're getting in the $1,000 range for a quality setup.
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You're better off in the recording section asking this kinda stuff.
Read the interfaces sticky there, and then post there too if there's something you still are not sure about.
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