Please Help! I don't understand the manual, I really-really don't understand it at all. Does any body know how to set KORG AX5G, at least make the distortion a lil bit power full. I'm not from English country so I hope some of you guys can teach me with more understanable words. Thank You so much guys!
I used to have one a long time ago and I remember that I was confused about how to change some things until I figured out that you have to push two buttons at the same time to do something important. But it's been a while. If you post a link to the manual PDF then you might get more help.
Don't worry it's pretty easy once you get it!
First you select the preset that you want to edit using the two footswitch. When you choose one (only the first 40 are editable) you switch the left knob to the parameter that you want to modify. Let's say, you want to change the drive/amp simulator: so turn the knob up to DRIVE/AMP, then you change the model of amp using the two semi-circular buttons on the right side. Instead, if you want only to increase the Gain parameter you switch the right knob clockwise.
To save the edits, you turn the left knob to WRITE and then you press two times the right semi-circular button that says "write". By doing that you replace the old program with the new changes.
That unit as a lot of interesting effects, try experimenting!
Hope I've been of some help, have fun