Hi there,

I was wondering if you can help me please. I'am returning to guitar playing after a 2 year break, I have been playing again for about 3 weeks.

One of the songs I' am learning calls for a capo on the 5th fret. Whenever I fret the b string say for chords C and Am when I'am changing chords it makes this horrible slidey, buzzy sound. It is only on the B string and only when I play with a capo as far up as fret 5. Could it be to do with the action? My action isn't great as it's only a cheap acoustic. I' am finding I'am having to press down very hard on the b string when I'' am using the capo of fret 5. And I'am having to keep this finger very very still, if it moves a millimetre it makes this awful sound.

I know I could transpose the song to make it easier but it's bugging me.

Please only reply with helpful advice and don't bitch at me
What happens when you fret the B string at the fifth fret without the capo?

Do you also get the same buzz when you barre an A Major chord at the fifth fret (E shape)?
I'd have to assume it's your action. I had the same problem with my Ibanez SA. It would buzz on only one note, so i had it altered and now it's fine.

There are quite a few songs i play that use Capo on 5th (my own song included), and it's always sounded fine on my guitar.
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