Hey dudes and dude-women. Apparently my last post seemed like a bot, which wasn't my intention. I was listening to "My Immortal" earlier and thought "you know what? This could be Rick Rolled to death!" and I think it sounds pretty cool! Also, wondering what you thought of my playing? All one take improv. Excuse my weird faces... Just looking for some outside opinions on it, you know? Thanks guys

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You know what's lame? When people make threads that pose a question, and then the TS answers it themselves. That, or prompting a share thread just so you can share something yourself.

This is unrelated to whatever the OP is, I just wanted to say that.

I just always thought it was pretty uncool to make a thread called "What's your worst breakup story" or something like that just so you could share something you want to tell people, but you're only comfortable enough to do it to quasi-strangers.