I am pretty much a noob, I've been playing for a couple of months and completely suck but I am having fun!

I have a couple of hardware questions.

I purchased a used guitar and the previous owner said it needed new strings. I have no idea if they do or don't. I have no idea how you even buy them (by the string or do they come in sets). How do I tell if I am getting good ones (or even what makes a good one).

When I play the B and G string no matter how hard or soft I press the string, the string the string vibrates against the next lower fret. I think I can adjust the this out but I don't know if I can/should. I am not sure if this normal or not.

Any help is appreciated.

strings come in sets. go down to a music store and buys a set. no one can really tell you what is best as that depends on you. personally I like D'Addario but that is me. sounds like your guitar needs a setup. once again go to a music store and ask about a guitar tech.
Run your finger under the strings, if they're old you'll feel it. New strings feel a lot nicer to play as well. As for buying them they come in packs, personally I get mine from Amazon I buy a D'addario 3 pack because it's cheapest. I used to use Rotosound because I liked that they came with an extra high e. It's preference but those two are "Known brand".

Is the B and G thing for every fret? Do you mean if you play for example, the 12 fret on the B string it sounds the 13th fret? So you hear a C not a B?
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The fret thing is mostly at the top but is noticeable all the way down. It is not so bad that it plays a different note, it plays the correct note but it gets a tinny pinging.

I'll look on eBay for strings.
Brands that I like and have tried are Dunlop, GHS, Dadarrio, and DR. DR are my favorite.

It sounds like you have fret buzz. Does it buzz while holding the strings?
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The fret thing is mostly at the top but is noticeable all the way down. It is not so bad that it plays a different note, it plays the correct note but it gets a tinny pinging.

Yeah, definitely needs a setup. Since you're new to guitar, I wouldn't try to set it up yourself.

I'll look on eBay for strings.

I wouldn't use eBay. I would try musiciansfriend.com or rondomusic.com. You're likely to get a better deal at a dedicated music site.
As a new player too, I would recommend just getting your strings at a local shop. You can help them and they can also answer questions like what might be good for a new player. Ive been told to use either size 9 or 10 as a new player for less abuse on the fingers :-) From what Ive seen strings are cheap and you could probably try one or two different manufacturers to see who you like. Good luck!
I just talked to my local shop and they said the setup would be 50 bucks which is fine but would take 2 weeks! Is that right? Two weeks?
2 weeks sounds like a long time but maybe it is because they are backed up or their tech only works a few days a week. I would ask to make an appointment so you can just drop off the guitar that day or the day before and pick it up when its done. Their is no reason for them to have to have it for 2 weeks.

I prefer d'addario. But strings are all a preference thing. I personally think Ernie balls are OK but ghs suck. Also depending on how much you play..( say a few hours a day) I would change my strings every few months. But some people will tell you do it more often.

Also, this is just my take. But I would buy my first few sets of strings, maybe some picks, a chord or tuner at the local shop. You will probably spend some extra change or maybe a few bucks more then online But at the end of the day the local shop is where you most likely will be going for advice, repairs, testing new gear, and probably just going in to check out what's new. If they see you are willing to spend a little extra to give them businesses they will probably be a lot cooler to you and maybe even cut you a nice break here or there. Online shopping can be great... especially with free shipping, Haha. But really if you are only saving a buck or two why bother?
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What should I expect they will do to my instrument? Is it just a cleaning or what?

cleaning is a small part. set intonation and action is the main thing. the guitar will feel and play better after this is done.