I just wana know if there are fake ltd ec 1000's out there.Im looking at a 2006/2007 ltd ec 1000 and just wanted to know if there were any fakes.I have the serial number of the guitar if you guys can verify for me.The guitar looks nice a little beat though but it's nice.Also it has a some stickers on the guitar and I was wondering if they are hard to take off.

If there are fakes how should I be able to differentiate fakes from the reals?

Sorry for the crazy amount of questions but I want to be sure.
while it's possible for fakes to exist of any guitar not likely it is. stickers can come off without much of a problem just be careful what you use doesn't react with the finish.
There are fake LTDs, however they are very rare. If you're concerned about it being fake post some pics up and we should be able to tell you.
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Hair-dryer should make pulling the stickers off real easy, a bit of lighter fluid should do away with the residue.
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