So I'm graduating early next month, and I'm planning on moving to the city and getting an apartment with my friend who dropped out. We're splitting the rent, but with food, car insurance, phone bills and other stuff, along with college, working a minimum wage job seems like a hassle and it will be hard to pay all the dues. I found a job opening for a forklift driver at a factory that starts at 9.50 per hour. That is really good especially with 8 hour shifts. But I've heard factory jobs are ****ing horrible. Idk about you guys but I tend to like doing work where I don't have to think much. So anyway, does anyone in the Pit have a factory job? If so can you tell me if it's worth it and what I should expect from it?
I bet Clark wants to go into a hat making factory and become a hatter, so he can get all sorts of high off the mercury.
We already know that you suck at thinking Clark, no need to put salt in your own wounds
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is it a marijuana factory?
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Protip: Don't drive a forklift high.
Depends, I've worked some places that were really fun and cool people, we' d get high on breaks in the car...good money, I'd go for it while keeping an eye out for a job that might inspire you more.
I prefer factory work because working with the public sucks balls.

Now, with a job working with the public, you do your 8 hours a day.
usually anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, you won't will be doing "keep busy work", Just to make it look like you are doing something. The rest of the time you are busting your ass.
Although that will depend on the business and location.

With factory work, its much the same. Except.....
The time scales are in months, not hours.
You will be busting your ass for 10 - 11 months and doing "keep busy" crap for one month.
But the slow time is generally scattered throughout the year.
However, if that 1 month of slow time happens all at once, start looking for another job because it usually means a layoff.
And usually, when a factory, under ideal conditions, would hire 8 people for a department to do whatever task is needed, they will hire at most, 6, usually less.

With the "public" work, you run into assholes all the fucking time.
In factory work, you work with the same people all the time so you can usually identify who the assholes are and possibly avoid them, theoretically.
Only problem is, your boss is usually one of the assholes.
And often a dumbass.
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Factories all drug test for everything, and your life will suck because you can't smoke weed.

What you need to do is get a job as a farmhand. You can be blazed as **** and no one will care. Chances are the dude you work for is growing some and gives you it for free.

Dude I should become a farmhand.
Listen. I'm sorry.
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Factories all drug test for everything, and your life will suck because you can't smoke weed.

What you need to do is get a job as a farmhand. You can be blazed as **** and no one will care. Chances are the dude you work for is growing some and gives you it for free.

Dude I should become a farmhand.

Most only drug test prior to hiring.
There are some that may do random testing though.
They're not called factories Clark, they're called drug labs and they destroy lives.

Also I know economic circumstances are different and all that but I get double that pay to stand around and do nothing at a nice golf club. (Also no drug tests, not that it matters because I'm not a SINNER)
Oh Clark, the factories screen against drug using hippies such as yourself. Pls try and get yourself clean.
I do factory work and it's awesome. No stress, easy shit, just a bit of heavy lifting. On the fork it'll be way better too. I don't know if $9.50 is good for your country but I get $30 an hour to chuck freight around. Awesome job while you're still studying.
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I found a job opening for a forklift driver at a factory that starts at 9.50 per hour.
Pretty sure you need a specific license to operate a fork lift. Or training courses. Which you couldn't afford because you're not making $9.50 an hour.
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I'm 18 man I have no experience

That's because you're a damn drug using hippie Clark, and girls don't like drug using hippies. Please accept the help that's being offered.

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It's an okay job if you don't mind the uniform.

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I work in a factory.

Yeah, it might suck at first. But you get used to it. And if you have the drive, you can definitely move up in pay scale. I started at 13/hr. I make 24/hr now.
Plus, working there has really shown me what it means to have a work ethic. I'm the youngest supervisor they've ever had, and I like to think it's because I have a "can do" attitude and work ethic...something I really developed from working there.

I say go for it.
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Where do you live? $9.50/hr isn't even minimum wage and sucks, especially if you're in a factory.

There's a big Honda manufacturing/assembly plant in my hometown that pretty much anyone who doesn't go to college or university after high school works at. You make just under $20/hr right out of high school, but this is a real plant; mind numbing line work like you see on tv where a guy sits there for 8 hrs a day just turning the same screw on different pieces.

I've worked in a warehouse (which is different) sorting and then counting inventory that gets shipped from overseas. Its the same type of brain dead work, but you make way less than at a factory. But even then, I made $13/hr and had difficulty paying all my bills while living at home and not going to school. So good luck making as much as a homeless person while attending college and paying rent

Edit: Thought I'd mention that when I was working in the warehouse, I had dropped out of university the year before and didn't plan on going back. After working in that warehouse for a few months and seeing the types of people that I could potentially spend the rest of my working days with, I enrolled back in school and got the fuck out of there. I'm not saying it's a bad idea for people to work in places like that, but it definitely wasn't for me. That being said, working there and eventually leaving was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life
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You need to become certified to operate a forklift before you can operate one. I'm sure the factory would help you become certified, but it would already but you behind anyone who already is if they also apply.

Factory work isn't that awful. I worked 3rd shift when I was in one, which was the most awful part about it. Aside from that its just loud, so you don't really get to talk. But that can be a good or a bad thing deepening on how you are.