So, I got some new pickups for my guitar: seymour dunca jazz n, and a pearly gates b. I am thinking of ordering new pots, and wiring the whole thing from scratch when I install them.

Anyway, I was wondering about potentiometer values. I was thinking to use a no-load 500k for the tone for the "bypass" feature of the no-load, and was really wondering about using a 1meg for volume.
Would the no-load 500k and the 1meg make these already fairly trebly pickups even more so?
If my understanding is correct, the higher the value of the pot, the more treble it allows through... Is this accurate? Is it the same for tone/volume?
You are correct. Higher value pots allow more of the high frequencies to pass through. Won't hurt to try a 1M though... you might like it. The value of the volume pot will have a bigger impact on the tone than the tone pot.