Hey guys I'm newbie here, looking for some advices

I have the Digitech RP1000 for a while and I think it does the job pretty well.
But I'm thinking about an update and can you guy tell me that the POD HD500X, or even the HD500 is better than the Digitech RP1000.

I'm now having the Roland cube and I use the MFX with my Cube.

I don't have a tube amp and I'm going to use the MFX as a stand-alone MFX.

I play variaty type of music, but metal and rock is my favorite .

So, is the POD 500X better than the RP1000 ?

Looking for any opion .....
Yeah the POD HD is better than the RP1000 by a long shot. The POD HD is probably the best <$1000 MFX unit you can get
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I found your opion!

I own a pod x3 live myself and a friend of mine which I regularly jam with owns a Digitech equivalent of my board (meaning multiple channels, expression pedal,etc..)
And the Pod x3 live is much more user friendly (pedal&computer wise).
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I just got a POD HD500X a few months back. I was using an RP500, which is essentially the same thing as the 1000, minus a few outputs and switches. The POD is way better than the RP in my opinion. It is much more versatile, sounds much better and the menus are much better to work with than the Digitech's matrix.
Depends on what you are looking for. The RP1000 is a good unit. It has two loops and integrates separate pedals well. It's easy to get decent tones out of the RP1000. Opinions vary on the ease of getting good tones out of the HD, but the HD is a very capable unit and does outperform the RP. Bottom line is the RP1000 is no slouch, so what you get for spending the extra money really depends on you.
I play lead guitar in my band, and i'm wonderring if the pod hd 500 can creat a warmer tone for lead guitar solo, thicker sound for rhythm metal/rock guitar and have a nicer chorus, than the RP10000.
I'm Just specifying my need so you guys can gimme some advices
IMO, there is only one answer to your question.... Go buy one where there is a return policy like GC and spend the time to do a head to head compare. There is no way for us to know if you have found the best tones in the RP1000. Or that you will find the best one's in the Pod. But if you run the test yourself you'll know which works better for you.

Have you messed much with the cabinet models on the RP? They really color the tone.
I'm really intersted in the better in terms of amp modeling, ESPECIALLY the Metal High gain, moreover i don't have an amp, I'm just using the Cube as a Clean Channel

So, Is the HD500 a step up about the metal rhythm tone and the guitar solo tone

About guitar, I'm using a schecter Hellraiser with EMGs on it
There's no way I can't test them man.
The musical store in my town only has the Boss Product