Hi all,

Its my 18th Birthday coming up and my parents have agreed to let me get a custom guitar. I am based in the UK so preferably I would be looking to buy from somewhere over here, however I am open to other suggestions if they ship. The main reason I want to get a custom guitar is because I've been playing for 9 years now and I know pretty much what I want, and being a lefty, the more expensive you go, the less guitars you can get and the less choice you have.

The provisional design i have is:

Tele shape guitar in a dark wood
Relatively lightweight
Bigsby tremolo
Kill switch button
There needs to be the classic tele 'twang' - though preferably through a coil split humbucker

So i have a few questions for you experienced guitar buyers/sellers/makers/players.

1) What electric guitar builders/luthiers do you recommend? Ive contacted The Creamery which i really liked the look of, but apparently he's just about to launch a guitar range so is taking a break from customs and so any ideas will be much appreciated

2) Is there anything that you recommend changing or doing to the brief i outlined above given your experience?

3) For the pickups, if split coil is a bad option would the bridge or the neck be best to have a humbucker?

Many thanks,

What is your budget? Custom guitars get expensive really quick.

You could order a custom neck and body from www.warmoth.com and put the hardware on it you want. You can have a good guitar tech assemble it and set it up so it plays right.
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there are a bunch. bear in mind I haven't tried all of these, nor is this an exhaustive list.

off the top of my head, there's legra, feline, stormshadow, jaden rose. there are a bunch of others too.

i think there's a forum of UK luthiers too, maybe. don't quote me on that, though.

or you could try asking on one of the more UK-centric forums like the fretboard. I think they have a subforum there for luthiers (or something like that).
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Stevens UK is probably the guy to talk to- he seems to specialize in custom Teles.


While I do like a good coil-split HB, another option would be to go with a P90 or HB-sized P90.

And, of course, there's nothing wrong with mixing & matching. I have a custom of my own in the works, which will feature a Creamery Dirty Shirt HB in the bridge (with splitting) and a Creamery Hum-90 HB-sized P90 in the neck.

Since you're in the UK, I'd also take a look at the options from Bareknuckle.

I'm also a fan of the RailHammer pickups, especially if you plan on any low alternative tunings.
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