Looking to achieve a low fi guitar tone. basically make my guitar sound like shit yet distinguishable. Kinda like a radio-ish tone. Currently half-achieving this with an eq-pedal with terrible settings, and i realize ibanez has a low-fi pedal (which is sold no wheres in Nova Scotia where i currently reside) but are there any other ways to achieve this?
There's a couple ways of doing this, depending on the sound you're after.
Like you said, using a really extreme EQ setting will do it.
Also, using a wah pedal will do this. I imagine keeping it toe down will do it pretty well, but you can experiment with any part of the sweep.

I'm not sure if any phaser pedals do this, but if you can control the rate of a phase shifter so that the signal is 'locked' within the sweep of a phase this would probably achieve that sound.

Also consider adding a bit of fuzz. Something silicon with a bias setting to achieve that velcro sound.
Heavy Electronics make this which seems to do exactly what you want...

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I would roll all the tone off of your guitar if you dont wanna spend the money on a wah. That, with a EQ, should do the trick.
Any bitcrusher will do.
Or maybe a really high gain fuzz.
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maybe use the neck pickup and roll off the low end?
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