hey guys. just finished (sort of) mixing a new song, i think in terms of production it's my best sounding one yet. i tried not to overdo it, let me know how it sounds to you.

composition-wise, it's a lot more pop-metal than what i usually try to do. i've been obsessed with Leprous lately.

planning to have sung vocals, possibly a solo or something over the outro.

C4C as usual, if you don't leave a link i'll find a random song of yours.

*NEW MIX: https://soundcloud.com/visiblenoise-2/balance-final-mix-maybe
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I have to say it sounds pretty damn awesome. It sort of dips through all sorts of different things throughout. Usually I would sit and watch the wavelengths while listening to something on Soundcloud, but I decided to minimize to get the full effect of the spontaneous changes of the song. The writing is really cool, interesting through the whole song. Quality is pretty good as well. Playing is tight too. The song seems really laid back as well. I kind of like that about it. It might just be the guitar tone since its nothing to overbearing. Sweet stuff for sure man, keep it up


Really like this! I love the multi-guitar harmonies and motifs going on. This reminds me, not only stylistically, but guitar-tone-wise, of a band called Pharaoh, only somewhat more progressive. I'm not not sure how, but something needs to bring everything in this mix up a bit more. The drums aren't kicking me in the gut like they should, everything "feels" timid, though I know its not the performance, its the mix.

Here's one of mine
Left you quite a large chunk of a comment on the track itself. I do think your sound could be much brighter, but other than that, it's an excellent track. How long have you been playing? You've got quite an amount of skill. Good stuff!

C4C? Not metal, but would be very appreciated.
Gotta say, that sounds pretty good. It's kind of a laid-back listen but doesn't drag on, which is great. It could punch a little more, but I guess that's more up to preference. As far as tone and everything, I think it sounds great. Nothing too harsh or over the top.

I've got a link to my Soundcloud stuff below if you wanna check that out. It's acoustic instrumental stuff. Not really as interesting, but it's there.

Also, my thread
You have a good sound i am not saying its bad, but i think it would be more awesome with some delay and maybe a different guitar/pickups?
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love the part at around 4:10 dont change that!

but mostly... the drums, need more action in some parts, feels as something is missing in some parts. double the tempo in some sections and go more for dynamics.

Here review my song, its completely different genre though haha
This is great, man. The guitars could use some beefing up and the overall production could be brighter and punchier, but the structuring and songwriting are spot on. All the different melodies you have going on throughout the song are awesome! I'd shell out my dollars for an album if you made one.

Pretty cool, reminiscent of Opeth a bit around the 2 min mark. The guitars tone is a little dry. I agree that some of the parts would benefit from delay. Some really cool interwoven melodies throughout. Though it could also make them clash, The drums as well could use some reverb. The song itself is great, flows really well; and better production could really give those riffs the heft they deserve.

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Dude, thanks for checking mine out. Ill crit as i go. Intro riff is pretty neat. I like the build, and then how it goes back down to just the riff. The harmonies in the second build i loved. When the bass kicks in, im digging that bass tone. Im not a huge fan of the guitar tone though. Not sure why, its not bad, but its not my thing, sounds too......clean. This seems to be getting very dream theater esque, thats awesome, whatever chord you played at 1:21 was awesome. At around 1:55, im starting to get tired of that repeating ascending riff. It needs to change up. And it does, but, still keeps that idea in it. The rest of the build up around it is sweet, but meh. Well, now it stopped, im digging this! That riff that kicks in around the 3 minute mark is my favorite so far. Its like petrucci mixed with vai to my ears. The thing thats standing out to me at this point, is your use of fuller chords. Im digging that! 3:39.......WOW. I love this. 4:45 ending off that section, i think u did that well. The end riff works to end it, cuts off way too abrupt though, u need a more solid ending imo.

Overall Crit:
I really dug this piece. Some parts were a little repetitive, and i think a ripping solo would have benefited this song (But thats just a matter of personal preference) Overall, Id give you around an 8/10 for this .I like it, with vocals added, this could be a great song.
That riff is quite memorable and rlly helps establish this song. When you expand on it, it sound pretty sinister and melodic, this must've taken some time to work out. The fuzzy tones on the bass really help to. your transitions and different parts sound pretty awesome. I want to know what tuning its in since it sounds sort of low at points. It great how diverse the track, the tremolo section was pretty sweet and the next few riffs sound pretty sweet. Was just about to say it lacked a more uptempo/driving part but then around 4:00 the track changed to that. This is a pretty great song, I wish it had vocals. Seriously, this is impressive stuff.

Wow great stuff man. The whole song was very catchy and interesting as a whole, though I must say what you had going on around 4:50 was definitely my favorite part. It was just so dark sounding and the transition into it was seamless and built perfectly.

Only complaint is that overall the track seems somewhat empty. All the voices are extremely clear and it's obvious you know what you're doing recording, it does sound great. Maybe its the absence of vocals, or maybe it's the guitar tones?

Overall this is stellar stuff. I gave you a follow on soundcloud and I'd love to hear more!
Liking the riffs on this song, interesting combination of lead parts and evil riffs underneath them - the lead parts do get quite repetitive though. A guitar solo over the riff at 3:59 would work quite nicely too imo. Also agree with the above in that would definitely benefit from vocals. Mix-wise you have everything in the right place with regards to volume and panning, but the whole mix needs to be brighter and more energetic. Overall very good though.

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I'm about two minutes in and it's sounding alright, but empty so far. Woah, there was a sick chord in there suddenly...

And NOW we're talking, haha. I was waiting for the prog. This slightly more dissonant part is sounding awesome. The song as a whole sounds very coherent, but... a bit bland by itself. Needs vocals, definitely. There's also something about the guitar tones, like the others mentioned. You said you tried not to overdo it, but I think you took it a bit too far, haha. It sounds more like a post-hardcore song at the moment, actually. Man, this outro riff is awesome. I think the song could also use some leads/solos.