Hey, guys. I've recently taken to recording some acoustic instrumental pieces I've worked on for a while now. Figured I'd see what other people think of them. You can check out the link to my Soundcloud below and let me know what you think. Thanks!

The track, while pleasing, is rhythmically predictable, which by itself is not a problem, but it seems to be lacking in melodies as the guitar keeps repeating the underlying rhythm. The small orchestral build up is good, but the track should have included more of those and the track needn't have gone changes in guitar parts to accommodate for more leading parts. This will depend entirely on how you want to utilize the track however.


Seems to be short to really critique, what is there sounds well, but the challenging part in composing is to extend a track or continue an idea and this one was to short to showcase any of those skills.


The intro part sounds particularly well, but I did not like the change to chords- it sounds too dry in the way it's being repeated and the melody overlaying the chords in this case offers no help, mostly because the rhythm underlying doesn't offer any significant musical advantage, so to speak.

The overall quality of recording is well, though chord strumming parts sound particularly dry, orchestral arranging is something that you could look into more for these types of tracks, or just add more guitar melodies atop what you already have to offer. I leave you with my own creation I have conceived lately, if you are interested in my own- my thread
The track labelled "Sneaky" isn't a complete song. It's just a clip of a piece I'm working on with a friend. So there won't be a lot to critique on that one.

As for the rest, alright.
Remembrance: i like what you have going on here, but the first section repeats for a while with little development. the part with the strings and piano is really nice. i didn't really like the big percussive hit though, it was kinda intruding on the serenity. i'd use a more distant-sounding hit, or just filter out the high end and drop the level a bit.

Sneaky Sneaky: has potential. hope the cello plays an important role in the full piece.

Somewhere Far From Here: is that a metronome in the right speaker? kind of an odd choice of sound to me. maybe it would sound okay if it wasn't panned left so hard. the flute fits well. wish it took the melody somewhere though, at least on the second time it comes in. i liked this one the most.

overall, i'd say you have good ideas that beg to be developed further, whether it's to add more layers (keep it subtle) or to change something in the melody or harmony.
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I'll play around with the bass drum in Remembrance some and see if I can tone it down. I wanted something kinda bigger for that bit of the piece and may have just overdone it.

As for Somewhere Far From Here, it's not the metronome. I can't think of what it was called off the top of my head, but it was some midi instrument in Mixcraft. I wanted something to fill the space between the bass and the tambourine and that seemed to work, at least to my ears.

Overall, I don't generally do very complicated things as far as the guitar goes when writing my own music. I get in a mood, mess around with the guitar for a bit, and find something that I feel portrays the mood I'm in. I do try to layer a few different things to play off of what's going on with the guitar without going over the top and being too much. It seems in trying to not overdo it, I've kind of done too little.

I appreciate the feedback, guys. Thanks.