Hey guys so i have never even tryed to record myself but i had a question. When big name artists record things for an album do they record the same guitar part more then 1 time to get a thicker fuller tone? and if i were to record myself would that be a good idea for my own recordings?
A) Yes
B) Yes
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Experiment with it. Some songs need it, some don't.

My favourite way of doing it is to record the parts with different guitar/amp setups then panning 100% left & right to not only thicken up the overall sound, but also to give the impression that there's two guitarists in the recording.
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Yes and yes.
I tend to only double track rhythm stuff, but occasionally harmonise leads.
For Rhythm, 75% each and for leads, 25-50%. I keep bass in the middle and the drums are stereo panned like the kit.
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Pan them 100% left and right. You can try recording four takes, and panning the other two 80% left/right.

This right here

I've done this on a few of my own recordings and the sound is thick and clear, especially if you can manage to play the exact same thing two to four times!

Usually, I just do a 100% left/right pan on a pair of rhythm tracks. I'm lazy :P
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I could probably do it, but I don't- in the interest of saving time. I would instead copy the track that is already recorded and edit it until you can't even recognize it- but it still makes the track sound heavier. I will link you my bands' song that I fully recorded by myself using my own methods with no "real" multi-tracking,

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