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I bought a Laney Ironheart 120watt head at the end of December ( my first tube amp) and today while playing I switched from my lead to clean channel and its dead. Same with the rythem. I honestly dont know much about tube amps but from what I'm guessing a tube has died? Is there anything else that could cause this? Ive tried removing my foot switches etc incase there was a problem but everything seems fine. Since only owning it just over a month would a factory warrenty replace tubes?

So the lead channel is perfectly fine and clean channel has 'nothing'? As in no sound at all?

The first thing I would do is swap some preamp tubes around and see if there is a difference.

V1 and V2, and then put them back.
V1 and V3, and then put them back.
V2 and V3, and then put them back.

V1 is the preamp tube closest to the guitar insert jack and your last preamp tube (the Phase Inverter tube) is closest to the power tubes and is part of the power section. It won't be that tube or you would have no sound at all.
I was about to do as suggested this morning. I turned it on and had the same symptoms, I then decided before changing around tubes to wiggle my input jacks etc. I wiggled the footswitch and I heard a crack and now I have a clean channel again. Could that be a coincidence or maybe its the footswitch?

Sorry, yes the lead was performing as normal and clean and rythem had no sound. You could hear the "switching" sound from the amp but would have no sound at all.
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In my experience, yes a problem with the footswitch can take channels away, as long as it's plugged in.

Does that amp have a 1/4" footswitch jack, or some kind of DIN jack, or MIDI, or?
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