My current rig consists of a mexican 60's telecaster and a JA-90 telecaster through an AC-30C2 with a fulltone plimsoul for overdrive. The 60's telecaster sounds absolutely fantastic through this however the JA-90 sounds a bit too dark and heavy for my liking in the bridge. The current bridge pickup is a seymour duncan sp-90-3b so what I'm looking for is a p-90 with lower output, more on par with the single coils in my other telecaster and also something brighter that won't drive the amp as much.

Budget is about £100 absolute max, cheaper would be better if it will do the sounds I want, I'm not fussed about replacing the neck as I actually really like the sound of that one, I'm located in the UK so please only links from there.

I mostly play alt rock in the style of Deaf Havana, Arctic Monkeys and Kids In Glass Houses, so it is mostly a mid-low gain crunch I'm going for.

Thanks for your help.
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from what i can remember the sp-90-1b is pretty low output and fairly bright. might be worth considering if you know you like duncans.

though in the UK/europe duncans aren't always that great value. there are several handwinders (who I should add, I haven't tried, just have heard good things) who might be able to wind you a low output p90 for no more, maybe even less, than the duncan one. oil city, mojo (in northern ireland, confusingly there's a dearer mojo pickups in england too), catswhisker and jesse loureiro in spain all have prices way below your maximum budget (like half that, if even as much, you could get a set for your budget).
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