I recently acquired an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute guitar and I'm having some trouble with the bridge pickup. Im thinking it may be picking up too much signal because:

A) Its noticeably louder than the neck pickup.
B) It still creates noise when set to 0 volume. (Unlike the neck pup)
C) When I play a clean tone and play anything low E oriented it tends to create obnoxious pop noises. I can record a sample if necessary.

Hopefully nothing needs replacement. Ive done a pickup swap before so I know what I'm doing but I was hoping to keep this guitar "pure". Ive had it for 1-2 months now by the way.
lower the bridge pickup or raise the neck pickup (or both)

You might need a new pot, I doubt it is the pickup
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Forgot to mention that I already tried that. Apparently I haven't been paying attention (I haven't used it on an amp much at all until recent) because the bridge volume knob and both the tone knobs seem to do nothing. Looks like I'll have to contact the dealer.