Hi Guitarfriends,

I am a student at the HS Ansbach and currently planning my BA short film.

At the moment we are looking for a MUSICIAN who want to give us his songs to use them in the movie. We are also looking SUPPORTERS!

Whether a musician or interested observer, EVERYONE is welcome.

Here is the link to the Project:

What properties should the music / artist have?
- The music plays a major role
- An actor (Francis), plays the pieces "Playback" in the movie (we take a very experienced actor with musical experience).
- It should content only singing + guitar
- The voice should be a little bit deep
- The songs can already be produced, but should fit the theme
- The artist should not be a memeber of a development company (GEMA, etc.)
- We are looking for 2-3 songs

Here is the story :
Francis ( 53), an unknown blues musician uses a musicbar to achieve his lifestyle and music. A new club has opened and he gets an immoral offer from them. The reason that his pub has to close, confronted him with the difficult decision to accept the offer. The reconciliation with Mia helps him find his way .

This is a No-Budget-Project, we unfortunately can not pay any fees or
pay userfees . The whole team, including the actors work for free, only because of the thing. An interesting collaboration and DVD of the film are guaranteed.

EVERYONE, whether musician or people who like music can support and help us to realize the project .

I look forward to answers, questions, tips and support.