I'm looking on building a guitar amp for my final year project at university. I know that there are kits that you can buy to build one but I would rather create my own circuit as it would boost my mark. I am looking to build a small amp with a clean and overdrive channel that would just be used for recording a few songs off. I have a decent understanding of electronics so I'm hoping it won't be too much of a challenge.

I was just wondering if anybody has ever created their own circuits and amp designs.

If so how long did it take you and how much did the parts cost?

Also if anybody has any links to useful information on the subject please post it as I'd like to read up on it.
I've built my own preamp tone and distortion from a project book - it's pretty straightforward stuff and you don't need a fancy power supply. Are you just making a solid-state amp (no tubes), some tone and an output stage? How many watts are you planning to need?

Soldering enough components on a board to translate a guitar input into a 10" speaker is probably cheap and trivial. But if you want something that you'd be using for a while, that might be a little more work. To put it another way, amplifying a signal and driving a speaker is just basic electronics. If you want to make a guitar amp that colors the sound, that might be harder. To make an impression at a university, I'd think you need to do more than just amplify an audio signal - maybe add some effects or something?
I'm not too sure on whether I'll be making a solid-state or a valve amp just yet, I'm hoping to get some more information before making the decision. I was thinking 5W will be sufficient enough just to record some tracks off.

I probably won't use the amp for personal use, more than likely it will just be used as a showpiece for a portfolio. I can already create an amp that can drive the signal through a speaker so I probably will add some effects to it along the way, or create separate effects pedals.
Solid-state is simpler, valve maybe a little more fun. I made a state-variable tone control (2 or 3 op-amps I think which you can build from a quad op-amp IC) which was pretty cool - the resonance controls give you something that the normal tone controls don't have. It makes the HP/BP/LP and sends them to a sum amp I think. The phase response might be pretty crazy, but that's what makes it sound interesting. Just an idea if you're looking for something different....

Having a Spice sim predicting the response of your amp might be cool if you're doing it for a grade.