Hi everybody, just thought I'd drop a promotional link for our new EP that we just finished up. It is acoustic guitar based, but with many synths and some drum work to create a through-composed concept album.

The concept is essentially about a mentally and physically handicapped child in WWII Italy, who dies in what is historically known as the "Gorla Massacre". After his death, he becomes reincarnated into a tree, and we find out that the character in the beginning of the album was in fact himself, watching his past life simultaneous to his current existence. The themes deal with coexistence, reincarnation, perspective and perception, and it also delves into the character of "Solomon", who is our fictional personification of the God-like entity in this universe

That is a very vague explanation, as listening to the music itself would be the best way to pick up on themes and the structure of it all. Check it out and let us know what you think (listen to it like you would read a book- beginning to end)

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