This guitar is a "Winston" Made by Guyatone, dated to the 1930's, The frets have ridges, which does NOT take away from sound unless used with Vibrato, and then in my opinion it adds a neat effect. I have asked a lot of people, and music shops and no one can help me, Seeing as it's a 30's Archtop, regardless it's pretty rare, but I believe the fret work may make it even more valuable. Please help me.

P.S. Before anyone says this was done after production, I have counted and measured, this is like this on frets 2 through 7 (Maybe 9 I don't remember), but all are the same, and it is near impossible for someone to do this with a hand file. And these are not traditional Fret material, I believe these are brass.
I have absolutely no idea about the frets, but I'm jealous that you get to play a guitar from the 1930s
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Probably some experiment in the 30s.

if it were a successful experiment, we'd still see it on today's guitars.... just sayin'
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Still looking for info on this beauty. If I can later today I'll record what it sounds like
I am still seeking help, i have several interested in this guitar, but i have no way to value it, tge fret style may help to pinpoint more info on it, if youve seen something like this please post