In spite of my careful, methodical disassembling of the control plate on my Tele - I managed to render it silent. Uh oh... not to panic. I'll just get the wiring diagram and work my way back to a functioning guitar. My problem now is finding the diagram. I'm not the first to go looking for this, and it's very hard to find. I could use your help please. I have really scoured the internet and re-worded my search criteria a bazillion ways to get even a close representation of a wiring diagram with no luck unfortunately.
I have one ground wire (I think) which I have touched to everything possible trying to get some life into the box, but no luck. There are no close cousins of all the diagrams I have looked at, trying to piece it all together. It doesn't follow ANY of the diagrams I have seen. Here is something that's REALY weird, the output jack - has the tip lug wired to the ring lug and then only that one ground wire feeds back into the control cavity to be terminated on the volume pot with all the other ground wires. I have never seen that before. It doesn't make any sense to me either. So until I get the official wiring schematic I'm kinda screwed. This all started because I was trying to do a "Bill Kirchen control plate" treatment. He reverses the control plate so the 5 way switch (yup, 5 way) is at the back end and the volume is below the right hand to easily do volume swells and other tricks. So if any of you fine folks have a diagram or other useful links or anything, even to say hello and commiserate, I'd appreciate it. Really. Other than that I love this Tele. It's really a great, great guitar!
I've spent an hour trying to upload a jpeg to this forum but it's complaining the size is too big, not 500x500 or some other foolishness. This probably won't happen but I appreciate the offer. I can email them if you like.
I think (know) my problem is the wire to the output jack. It's not what I thought it was. Someone on another board somewhere made the same wrong assumption that the jack wire was only one wire coming back to the control plate. It is in fact a coaxial wire and the end at the control plate is only showing the ground and not the hot. It didn't make any sense to me that it could be one wire running off ground would supply the full signal. I'll chase this and probably get it working. More to follow. I do genuinely appreciate the offer for help however. Hopefully I'll only need a raincheck
Okay, that did it. The output jack was missing the lead to the volume pot. I soldered the braid to the 5 way switch base and the stranded lead to the vol pot and magic happened. I guess when your instinct says something isn't kosher it bears further investigation. I'd still like to get my hands on a real diagram for that model. Has anyone ever contacted Fender for a diagram with any success?
I offered to trace it for you...


It's basically that but the push-pull is a seperate switch.

Or since you now have a working circuit you could just trace it yourself. Like I said, it's a simple circuit and there's nothing special about it.