I'm looking for abit of help here. I've wired up my Gibson SG with my blackouts using the EMG solderless kit, and it's been trouble all around.

I've already wired my other guitar with EMG's using their solderless kit and haven't had problems. So I'm starting to think something specific with the bus board or solder contacts on the switch might be faulty. Sorry for the long thread! But any help would be appreciated.

Take #1: I've wired everything as per the EMG solderless kit diagram that came with the kit and everything seemed fine at first. Plugged in the guitar and everything sounded fine.. UNTIL about 2 minutes of playing the sound would start cutting in and out and eventually just settled to sounding thin(no more distortion), in addition to getting this overwhelming hiss (like white noise) building up gradually on the bridge pickup.

Take #2: So I went back and overlooked all my connections. Even though everything looked fine, I unplugged and replugged a few of the interconnect cables to make sure they were properly connected. Tried the guitar again, and the same thing happened. It sounds fine for the very first minute or two, and then craps out.

Take #3: I noticed something weird with the bridge tone pot when playing so I decide to unplug everything and rewire using the 2volume/1tone configuration. I tried each tone pot one after the other and the same thing happened.

Take #4: I gutted the whole cavity again! I take the 3way toggle switch and unsolder the ground and output and clean up the tabs as well as I can. I resolder the two wires back in place. Here we go again.. I go ahead and rewire the whole cavity with the quick connect kit. I even try a new fresh battery.
Result; everything is great! Here I am jamming with my new pups having a blast, when all of a sudden 10 minutes in... the poop hits the fan...again!
Started with that "white noise" hiss building up on the bridge pickup(eventually on neckpickup too). And then sound cutting in and out on both pups. Then the sound settles to what seems to be tone fully rolled off, and the volume rolled off to barely 1/10. Sounds thin and without any gain/distortion.

I don't know what to try at this point.. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? I can take a pic of the cavity if it can help...

Thanks guys!
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Did you make sure the pinout of the quick-connects is compatible with the blackouts?

Also take a look at this, see if it helps. I don't have much experience with active pickups, sorry.

And don't post in that thread, it's old.
I've read this link, and although it mentions swapping wire. I've compared both original wire and emg wire, and both have same wiring.

As seen on other forums, these pickups have been interchanged with the same emg quick connect kit with success.
I've gone ahead and bypassed the three way switch altogether and the bus board.

Testing one pickup at a time using one volume / one tone. And then again using just the volume pot. Each time going straight to the 1/4inch jack.

The result is the same all the time: a growing hiss (pink noise) that slowly overpowers the guitar.

I've checked the original Duncan quick connect cable as well as the EMG one. Each has the same red/black/white cable in the same order. Each going to the same respective place; red-power terminal, white-hot, black-ground. I've tried switching the hot/ground at both the pot and the 1/4" jack.. Which cuts out all sound.

I don't know what more to try at this point....
The pups have worked before.. I'm wondering if they could have been damaged during the last uninstall??

I'm going to contact tech support tomorrow to find out for sure.

But I've taken this a step further. The blackouts were last installed in a les Paul and came with long shaft pots. Even thought they don't fit great in the SG cavity, I tried soldering them in place with the original wiring just to test it out.

The result is the same; a slow increasing hiss, like white noise, and then loss of tone and gain and intermittent sound.

So wether I go with the EMG quick connect, or with the Duncan pots/wiring, I get the same result...

This sucks