I know I've read a post somewhere about how to tune a Mini-V without a tuner. You know, using 6th string to tune 5, 5 to tune 4, etc.

I know they need to be 3 half steps up from normal, and 6 needs to be "G". But what frets do I use to tune the other 5 strings?

Please be patient, I'm not as smart as I look.

(I've looked for hours to try to find that forum post again, and I just can't! Make'n me MAD!)
to tune your guitar with that method you actually have to have at least one string in tune.

say, if you had the thickest string in e, you'd fret it at the fifth fret and then tune the fifth string (a) To the same pitch as the fifth fret on the low e.

then you hold fifth fret a to tune the d string

d string fifth fret to tune the g

then g string fourth fret to tune the b

then back to the fifth fret on the b to tune the high e

Again, only works if it at least one string is in tune, but you can get them all to the same group of notes with this method as well.
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