What do you think about this? I found a TAMA rockstar, and the price is very good. The drum set is 15 years old, is that bad? The newest rockstars are better?
Here is: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s-anzeige/schlagzeug-tama-rockstar-komplettset/176317255-74-3127?ref=search
I will use it for metal, hardcore playing.
Or can you recommend some another drum set, from another brands, in this price?
hey, I know its not exactly the right price range, but if you save up a bit more, the PDP Concept series is great.
I have an old Rockstar kit that I've been playing for a long time now, and I still have no complaints about it. Despite the kit's name, it holds up well in just about any setting. I've played in quite a few bands that have been all over the map musically, and I've never heard any complaints from my bandmates about the sound of the drums.

However, if the PDP kit that the other fellow is talking about is near the same price.... I too would recommend saving up a bit more and getting that kit instead.