Ok, Im new to learning guitar and so today, I went to practice a little and found my guitar out of tune by quite a bit (mostly to the # side of the tuning). Now, we had a major temperature change from yesterday to today (high 70's then to low 40's). I typically dont run much heat in the house because its not needed...house stays in the high 60's.

The guitar is a 2013 Epiphone LP 100. After re-tuning, everything is fine. My question then becomes; How common is this and is it a problem that everyone experiences with their guitars? Is the tuning issue a bigger problem in the winter or the summer? I live in South Texas where its going to be triple digits soon.
Temperature does alter your guitars tuning. It's not a problem in any way, just retune and play away It's just the way the temperature alters the strings and the guitar's wood.
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