so i'm thinking about putting these pickups in my kh-202. one question though... do i need to rewire the whole guitar to put new pickups in it? thinking about SH-4 JB in the bridge and 59's in the neck. i like to play 80's hair metal.
If the pickups you take out have 4 wire leads you wont have to do much. For example on the bridge pup. Unsolder the hot and ground from the stock pup and solder the new bridge pup hot and ground to the same spots. On the JB and 59' you would have to solder the white and red wire together and tape them off on the side.

Just repeat for the neck pickup. Once you get used to it it'll take more time for the soldering iron to heat up than it takes to swap a pickup.
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yea i forgot about those wires lol.

Black is your hot. Green and bare are both grounded to the top of the pot. White and red taped off to side.

Good luck. I was sweating bullets my first time. It turned out fine

BTW thats a great video.
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ok. changed... Neck works great! bridge doesn't. It sounds like the volume is turned down almost all the way. even though it's turned all the way up. The hot connection is great and so is the ground. what did I do wrong?
Are the red and white wires connected good?

You may have a bad solder joint.
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Yep. All connections are perfect! I thought that too so I went and double checked and everything is great. Could it be a faulty pickup?