Hi guys, well i play guitar theres 14 years but i have a problem that still runs in my set everyday and i would like to have some help from you, this is my first post...im on Brazil, Sao paulo, glad to register and talk with you =_)

All my set is on the image : The onerr Fat boy ii wah wah + Behringer NR100 + equalizer + Delay Echo by Caline music + Danelectro Fab Metal.

My Guitar is a Fender Starcaster...i sent it to my luthier theres some weeks and its pretty fine with no noise.

The only problem i have is that when i press the fab button to start the effect it gives me alot of noise that even the noise reducer cant take it off. It happens only when i turn this pedal on, on clear sound and with all other pedals this doesnt happens, i already checked my guitar with the luthier and i have no problem with it, i checked the guitar cables and everything is fine.

My amp is fine too, so do you guys have any tutorial or any suggestion about what can i do to solve the problem? the music i play is extreme metal...i like to play burzum, behemoth, slayer...

Thanks for the help!
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Just to be sure, are you running the fab into the noise gate or do you have the noise gate first in your chain? If you aren't running the noise gate after the distortion pedal then it won't make the pedal quiet.

You could try turning down your gain or treble on the fab to cut some noise down but the pedals are noisy and cheap to begin with so it might not help much.
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The noise reducer is simply a gate which has a set threshold. Any signal above that threshold gets past, if the signal level is below that threshold nothing gets past. So setting that threshold is critical to keep noise out in the silent passages on the music but once you are playing the gate opens and all the signal including the hiss gets through.

Next, High gain signal always have more noise in them, it is the nature of the physics in the circuit. Some pedals or amplifiers are better than others but they all exhibit the same tendency to a degree, turn down the gain level and the noise reduces. But having an unscreened guitar like the single coiled strat PUs into a high gain pedal will amplify the otherwise OK noise the guitar produces. This can be because of the immediate environment too so keep away from fan motors, dimmer switches, neon lighting etc. Sometimes just turning your guitar 90 degrees will reduce the effect of the noise if it's guitar based.

yes the noise gate is set to be used after the dannelectro fab pedal, ill replace this pedal...thank you see ya