I'm back guys, haven't been in the forums in a while, and especially the original recordings forums. Got my worship band together, well, three of us, our singer/lead guitar wasn't there, but we'll get him in on this later. Right now it's just the drums, rhythm guitar, and bass. We kinda threw it together in a few hours, may need a little tweaking, maybe more than a little, idk, my ears are shot at this point.

So we got the Rob Knob on a $1200 Roland electric drum set
Jeff on a Ibanez Gio bass running through a Poulin LexTac blue channel amp sim
And me on my Tele Custom HH and my Valveking 112 with SM-57
Reaper is the DAW with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface

My drummer was tired so he couldn't control power of his hits throughout the song, so the drums may sound weak in some places.


Tell me what ya think and what kind of lead we should add. Leave a comment and I'll give my professional opinion on your tracks.
Well, first off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT BASS TONE!!! IMO that's the perfect bass tone. The drum track was really sweet, i agree he lacked some power in parts, but all the fills were spot on, and pretty unique sounding too. Your riffing was very solid, id love to hear what vocals on this would sound like. It sounds almost pantera esque. The overall recording quality is pretty great. To me, the guitar could be a little brighter, but I'm not sure on that tbh, then the bass might be effected, and im loving how its cutting through. Maybe make the drums a tad louder too? Other than that, super solid song. If you get a finished version of this, i would love to hear it!
I don't know if the drummer can record his playing on to a sequencer (assuming it is MIDI capable), so you could edit the volume & timing of any note if you wish. I do like the bass tone & riffs. Guitar riffs & tone sound good too. Drums are good, some EQ tweaks could probably help. You're off to a very good start. Please review my music at this link:

Hi Ethan and thanks for the crit!

As awesomo and aaron mentioned above, the bass tone sounds good! The guitars aren't bad either and nice riffs in there, indeed. The song feels just a bit lazy to me, but then again it's a work in progress so it might suit the end result very well. I'm not a mixing nor recording guru myself so can't tip you in that regard, but the playing could maybe have been executed tighter. All in all, sounds promising and I'm sure it'll improve when you get the singer/lead guitars on board, too.

Keep on rockin'!