Hello. I recently bought a martin 00-15m I have a 4 humidifiers in the case and a vaporizer running in my room, I currently have it about 46% humidity in the case. I was wondering if it's safe to run the vaporizer in my room? Because no matter how many humidifiers are in the case it'll hardly reach 45%. And also since the guitar is all mahogany is there any special humidity it would be best at? Thanks
45% is plenty.

BUT, do make absolutely sure, the hygrometer is calibrated correctly. (Google, "salt test" for this procedure).

Where I live, and using non vented heaters, I just stuff a pot of water on top of the kero heater, and hope for the best. I obviously can't speak to your heating system, or the climate in your neck of the woods.

But, then I don't have any Martins either.
you should be fine to run the vapo. you can always re-check the humidity and adjust accordingly. it's a guitar, not a chocolate bar, it won't melt.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
The soundboards, (if solid, and that Martin is), will puff up if you get too carried away with the humidity. I don't run the air constantly in the summer, and stuff starts to sound a bit shabby when the humidity is up. Of course high temperatures could be partly to blame also, as well as my imagination, I suppose.
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