Okay probably the 12th billion thread about axe-handles.

I'm a Fender Junky. . . I've been missing my old Tele I had eon's ago, haven't owned a Fender since.
I'm wanting a Strat this go around, some people will say Strat's are "bland", but there's a butt-load of neck options, pickups and bridges to choose from.
I want a V-neck, and have been toying with the idea of a custom shop modle. It'll put me in a financial hurt-locker. . . But my eccentric ass can justify just about anything given enough opportunity

What I'm wanting to know is if anyone has encountered a "Modern-V" Profile.
Some people feel the " '57 Soft-V " contour is gi-friggin huge-ic. I have small hands an no issue tearing up a '57 Soft-V.
I wanna know more about these "Modern-V" necks, are they a similar convex with a tighter radi? Whats the deal?