I seem to have something wrong in here regarding my hand placement, i just can't get clear pulloffs at the 5th fret, my finger is sideways on the string, only way i can hammer-on/pullof the 9th fret. the 5-0 hammer on always sounds totally wrong, it's just like DANGGGGGG.

The tab is:

e-9p5p0h5h9--9p5p0h5 etc.

it's one bar in the middle of a solo, and i have tried to switch into tapping, but it don't work, too much hand movement and i mess it up. That part of the solo is mainly legato so i wouldnt want to alternate pick it, but it seems to be the only choice
Well...to me it's easy to do it with one hand or tap it. And my fingers arnt super long either.

I kill 2 birds in one stone practicing doing the triads exercises.
The minor triads require that I make that reach. All up and down the neck
on different strings.

Stretch your hand before and after. You'll notice the difference in about a week
so have patient.
Do finger reach exercise. Hammer with the pinky for as long as you
or around 10 sec. (do it on all strings) It'll hurt. So stop when it hurts and stretch
you hand.
Practice doing it on the fingers too, And practice hammering and pulling using the index.

While you're at it. Practice doing whatever solo parts without picking the strings.
It's give your fingers more strength.

Also practice bending with different fingers. even the index.
Do the samething with slides. it'll give more control and not trip over your fingers
if you can slide using different fingers and hit the notes you wish to hit, on the fly.

Hand positions are goofy. It only works when you're siting down.
If you play standing up. Sometimes you'll have to bring the guitar's neck up
and your hand position isn't always be in the best possible position to play.

That's why I have flying V it's not just for looks.
When play it sitting down it rest perfectly between my legs and the neck
is in proper position without a foot stool.

The proper position to play the guitar sitting down is to also have a little foot stool.
I don't always like to cross my legs like a girl...it's a habit you don't wanna get into.lol
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Sounds like you're holding the neck broomstick style. Give the classical positioning, with the thumb behind the neck, a try, and it will get your hand orientation staightened out. I made the switch to classical positioning 5 or 6 years ago, and it was one of the best things I ever did for my playing - though I'll still switch occasionally to broomstick style for a second if I want a big bend with vibrato.
Simply you struggle doing it due to a lack of experience on the instrument. More practice and you'll eventually get there. Objectively speaking it's really not hard at all.