I am looking for a new multi effect pedal but can decide on which one either the zoom G3x or the line 6 M series
What sounds are you after, what gear do you already own, how much money do you have, and do you mind buying used stuff?
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Either the G3 or the M series are excellent investments.

Personally I chose the G3 because I prefer the way they're designed and they include a looper & drum machine that the M series doesn't have. The Zoom also works as a PC interface so you'll be well set up if you ever decide to get into recording.
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If you wanna use a multifx for practice, definitely the g3, IMO. Its very quick and easy to incorporate all of the features into your practice so as not to mess up any mojo you may or may not have going. It also seems to be built quite well, never had any problems with mine. And its dirt cheap for all it does. Buy a good od with all your leftover cash.

I do like the m series but if it came down to the m5 or g3 I'd take the g3. And/or if it was m13 or g5 I'd go with the pod HD500x.
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Check out the Nova sys!!
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