There's no advantages or disadvantages to either design, its just a matter of what you prefer.

Generally speaking, closed back cabinets give you more low end while open-backed cabs sound a lot brighter.
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I always thought it would be cool to have a back that you could slide, so open a bit or a lot,easy and versatile. Depends on the room and how close to a wall etc. also
Cabinets do exist were the 'openness' of the cab can be fully adjusted by using ports of different sizes and in varying locations. If you're really into doing that sort of thing, you can easily make a bulkhead for the back of your cabinet that'll freely allow you to do that.

You can even make calculations as to how a certain port arrangements will affect the back pressure of the cabinet.
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Zilla makes convertible cabs, for instance.

Adding to what was said before, a closed-back cabinet will project the sound in a lineair way, an open back cabinet will fill the room more, IIRC.
^ yeah.

and in terms of musical styles (generalisation alert) you normally want closed for heavier stuff and open for lighter.
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Traynor's 112 and 212 DarkHorse cabinets are "convertible", in that they are closed back, but you can remove covers to make them more open-back, if that interests you TS.

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This thread helped me, guys. After 16 years of playing, one would think I should know such information. Lol

However, my assumptions were pretty spot-on....
i have a convertible avatar cab. i have used it open and closed. same cab and everything. i would say that as a whole, your amp still sounds like your amp. its not going to "transform" your sound.

however, i have decided to remain with closed back for a few reasons:
1. tighter sound. i think the response, especially in the base, is tighter
2. perhaps because of #1, your sound seems to have more presence and punch
3. not too much else changes, so really i see very little negatives
4. most times on stage, you either mic, or want all volume going to the crowd. most times your are in front of your amp, of you have PA / Monitor setup, not needing sound from all angles (out the back.
5. with it off, i am left with a peice of wood that has screws hanging out of it sitting around my room. anoying / dangerous.
6. nothing can get in and damaged your speakers in transport.
7. most likely a stronger design.

thats about it. so yeah im a closed guy now. before this i figured open would be better.....
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Just be aware that a closed back is more directional so point the thing at your head.
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With my closed back cab I needed it tilted and pointed at my head to truly figure out what I am doing with my tone. A friend of mine practices with his open-back combo hidden behind a sofa Then again he is a bluesy guy...