Hello Pit,

I really want to watch this new Fleming show on BBC America/Sky Atlantic/Whatever the ****, but I don't subscribe to any cable. Also I live in Canada. Would like to watch it online.

Is there any way to do this without torrenting it? Does the BBC think Canada is some kind of 4th world country with no access to television technology?

Any help would be appreciated!
did someone say bbc?

I'm not in Canada

False alarm, just Michigan. But good that you were warning the people, this is one serious BBC
Can't you use something like hola unblocker to watch it on the BBC England Iplayer?
(I'm pretty sure hola unblocker is legal, mods, but don't take my word for it )
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Pretty sure I saw a commercial for it on Showcase or Bravo. So maybe you can get some online shit from them.
Stealing our BBC without paying television liscense you're almost as bad as me.

They've got loads of BBC stuff on Netflix if you've got one of those de-regioning plug ins. Might not be what you're looking for, but they've got Red Dwarf and League of Gentlemen so it keeps me happy.
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