Hey Guys,

I am about to buy a custom shop handmade guitar, and I already selected the Bridge Humbucker (Suhr SSH+) and Middle Single (Bare Knuckle mother's milk), but I have a dilemma with the Neck Pickup.

I actually reached to two options, the first is the "Seymour Duncan SHPG-1 Pearly Gates" and the second is the "Suhr SSV".

I'm want a very versatile guitar that will get me a sound from heavy rock to Jazz (actually more Jazz, and cause of that the Neck Pickup is very Important)
The guitar will be Mahogany body, Flame Maple top, Maple neck and Wenge fingerbaord (kind of Rosewood).

So which Neck Pickup are you recommend?

Thanks a lot guys,
I have a pearly gates as a neck pickup in an epiphone LP and I love it! Great mid response, and when plucking with fingers, it sounds VERY jazzy. I just wanted to throw something else out there, in My parker I have a Dimarzio AirZone, and at first I hated it, but now that I'm playing some jazzier stuff (with a lounge feel), through all tubes, it sings! I find I use it more than my duncan JB that's in the bridge. Never used the Suhr you're looking at, so can't help you with a comparison.
The SSH+ is a really bad choice for mahogany, IMO. It's a really dark pickup. If you want that much output, and want to stay Suhr, get the Aldrich. I like Suhr's SSV and SSV+ better for anything up to metal than the H stuff though. For neck pickup, the SSV, is a bit brighter with more presence, IIRC, while the Pearly Gates is a tad hotter and darker. Both are just fine for jazz, where you'll wind up having to roll of a bunch of treble on the amp if you want the stereotypical jazz tone. You really should grab a Suhr ML for the middle pickup as well. Way better than any BKP single I've had.
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