So, it goes out of tune? I'm having trouble hearing it. Check the knife edges. They're the part of the bridge that sits against the posts. If they're dull or chipped, that may be the issue. Depending on how new or old your strings are, they could also be a problem. Is this a new issue? Or has it been happening for a while?
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Its been like that for a few weeks. I put brand new strings on it just before recording that video. If i so much as tap it, it will go sharp, or flat depending which way i press. And it stays that way until i touch it again. Its driving me crazy.
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And this just happened out of the blue, one day?

well it started with it not being able to hold tune when i used the trem bar even though it has a locking nut. but it didnt do this. ive stopped using the trem bar for the past few months, then a couple weeks ago this happens
....is this model a floating tremolo....if so I´d open up the back and check out the springs....looks like they need changing since they have zero elasticity and check so it´s not catching on anything....the string tension is supposed to counteract the spring tension letting it float freely. Mabye even tighten the screws holding it in Place in case it´s ´pivoting there.
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