The switch on my GCB-95F broke a while ago and I got around to getting a new 2PDT switch to replace it. The problem is, I did a poor job of desoldering the mini-PCB that was attached to the back of the switch that I no longer get a signal when the pedal is "off" - I broke the PCB connections.

There is a ribbon with four wires coming from the main PCB to the switch's PCB. I was wondering if anyone knew how to wire the switch. I cannot find a schematic of my pedal. The PCB is black if that helps. And the components on the PCB are really small and unlike anything I've seen in most of the other pedals I come across.

EDIT: Here is a picture of the PCB on the back of the switch:

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Here is a pic of another Wah.
The Dimebag wah, but the ribbon cable wiring should be the same :

There should be some text printed on the main PCB with a version number.
That would be helpful in finding the correct schematic.
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Thanks for this. In general how is that switch wired? The two outer wires go to the inside lugs, but i'm unsure about the other two wires.

Based on mods done by others, the two inside wires may be wired to the closest two lugs, and the remaining furthest two are wired together. Is this correct? (ill check on the PCB part number in a day or two)
How exactly the switch itself is hooked up may vary from version to version.
But from the pictures I have found, the wires all go point to point, like so:

Switch PCB-------------- MAIN PCB

| |
1 |--------------------------| 1
2 |--------------------------| 2
3 |--------------------------| 3
4 |--------------------------| 4
| |

Basically, directly across from each other.