The switch on my GCB-95F broke a while ago and I got around to getting a new 2PDT switch to replace it. The problem is, I did a poor job of desoldering the mini-PCB that was attached to the back of the switch, such that I no longer get a signal when the pedal is "off" - I broke the metal PCB connections.

There is a ribbon with four wires coming from the main PCB to the switch's PCB. I was wondering if anyone knew how to wire the switch. I cannot find a schematic of that little PCB. The PCB is black if that helps, other I see are red. The components on the PCB are really small and unlike anything I've seen in most of the other pedals I come across, but resemble the red PCB I'm seeing on Google images.

Thanks in advance for any info or help.

EDIT: here is a pic of the PCB on the back of the switch:

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