well I bought some new strings today (first time ive changed any strings myself) I took all strings off in end couldnt use the peg tool got my hand in and pushed them out. I learned its bad to take all strings off after but my neck didnt warp. Then I had the fricking nut come off which ive super-glued as its a cheap guitar to learn on so I dont care about it not ever being removable. Then one of my new strings snapped. And I got a massive scratch from slipping and my guitars black.

But I got in done in just 3 hours so I am never doing it again. And now my strings dont stay in tune.

new strings take a little bit to "tune in". i usually stretch them after tuning to quicken the process. you'll have to retune it again of course but you should only have to retune it once after that.
a ot of guitar manufacturers don't glue the not onto the top of the fretboard. why i honestly couldn't tell you. it's no biggie.
tight pegs are common also. i sometimes have to push up from the inside with a quarter or something to push them out.i usually use the dykes(wire cutters) to pull them out. just use the saddle for leverage.
snapped string? could been because you over-tuned it, have a burr on the saddle where the string sits, had the ball end under the bridge pin in wrong... coulda been a bad string.
re-stringing my guitars is a monthly chore that i actually like doing. it gives me a chance to thoroughly clean under the strings, the fretboard and headstock. plus i can look for any hidden damage or wear. but i do tend to be anal about keeping my equipment in shape.
i'll bet that the next time you change the strings, you'll do it in a third the time as this time. next change after that, even cut the previous time in half !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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The first time is always a learning experience (for anything). You will get faster and better at it the more you do it. I've broken strings, wound them the wrong way on the post, mixed strings up. I still manage to poke myself with the string ends and end up with one (or more) of my fingers bleeding a bit.
Exactly. As the guy who runs the Frets.com site says... That guitar spends most of it's time being manufactured with no strings on it at all.... Doesn't hurt a thing.
And, he has one of the best re-stringing guides around, with loads of pictures to show you how to do it.
Check it out:

While you're at it, read the whole site. It's a gold mine of information.