FYI i am listening on midrange portable headphones (not at home right now).

i really love the guitar/bass tone. it's gritty, has character, and sounds big, but at the same time it is comfortable to listen to. the synths also suit the song really well and are very clear. as far as i can tell, the mix job is excellent. the drums started sounding kinda plasticky at the quiet part though, i didn't notice it as much elsewhere.

the song is pretty awesome. the synths really add a lot to the song, especially the strings when they go dissonant. the uplifting bit at 6:27 was a pleasant surprise. long song, but i enjoyed every part!
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Hi madbasslover and thanks for the positive crit!

Your song sounds well put together. The instruments complement each other and sounds are great. I agree with awesomo on the guitar sounds, it could've been just slightly brighter but it doesn't bother me at all like it is now. What do you have in mind regarding vocals? It's a good "platform" for different vocal styles so it should kick ass with singing! Good job, keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback!

Some good riff ideas here, but with a lack of lead instrumentation or dramatic changes it does get monotonous quite quickly. The clean guitar section should have been brought forward a minute or two to help with dynamics. Also I agree with the above comments, would definitely sound better with vocals. Mix-wise you have everything at the right levels, just needs more warmth in the guitars - I don't know what drum software you used but some more variety in the hit velocities would help make it sound less programmed.
Wow. Your track is really rad. Fantastic arrangement on the drums. I really like the way you use the ride - it cuts through the synths and guitar very nicely. I tend to think of the ride as the 'forgotten cymbal' in metal, so it was very pleasing to hear your use of it. The guitar work is great too, and I must say that your mix on the bass guitar is on point. The only critique I have is the snare. It doesn't have any body. I get that you went easy on the reverb for the snare because it works for this kind of music, but I would've boosted around 230Hz on it just so it doesn't sound like it was recorded in a different room. Also, maybe you could turn down the hi-hat just a tad.

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Damn, I really like this. I like your choice of chords and progressions.

The drums sounded good, but a little simplified, and around the 6:00 mark during the clean guitar part the hi-hat sounds totally unrealistic, definitely need to play with the velocities on that. I can't really comment on the double bass stuff, since this genre seems to use the ticky-ticky sound of drums particularly strong, so it may just be my particular taste.

But I love your song writing, and your use of space. Would love to hear a vocal on it, hopefully something that compliments your progressions and doesn't over power what you're presenting.

Love this prog style structure I'm hearing tonight. Man you guys are kicking ass over here.