So basically I've been playing guitar for 5 years or so. I'm alright, but no where near where I want to be. Anyways, I can play basic "colorful" chords alright, but I've always had trouble with the 3 finger power chord. Sometimes I'll play it perfectly, but other times I'll mess it up. It's so frustrating because it's such a basic chord that I can't seem to get down. Any suggestions? I can't for the life of me figure out why it's not second nature by now. And my hands aren't small, I actually have pretty long fingers, which should make it easier.

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Have you tried a slighty wider neck? Your fingers a longer but they're probably thicker too.

How much bow is there on the guitar neck? It should bow slighty from 3-10 frets
but too much isnt good. So it'll cause fret buzz like that too.

You might also try thinner strings or a thinner pick.

I practice funk or reggae style type strumming. Helps me strumm cleaner. Make
cleaner chords.

I dont do windmill strumming anymore.lol
Probably because you are thinking about it too much and not letting your own voice come through on the instrument. Basically, you may be letting your fingers do the initial work when your inner voice needs to be doing it first...and then let your fingers follow, you will be like wow...this is actually working!

Play with some drum tracks..you need a beat or something at least.
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You can always ignore the 3 finger too. Power chord is only the root and fifth, the extra octave is most of the time completely unnecessary. I dont understand why tab makers keep adding the 3 finger powerchords everywhere when only time the extra octave is actually audible is when you play it open and let it sound for a bit. It does have more shimmer and body.

When you are chugging palm mutes there is no god damn difference between 2 and 3 finger one, and even open when you are jumping from one power chord to another the difference is so miniscule that its impossible to hear in a mix. So when I play slower open power chords I do the 3 finger one, everything else is 2.

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Can you play any chords in E and A shapes?

It's just using the 3 lowest strings of these chord shapes...
You're probably letting your fingers collapse at the knuckles, which makes it really hard to fret accurately. Keep your fingers curled and play on the finger tips, or barre the upper two notes.

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Have you tried a slighty wider neck?

Buying new instruments is not a solution for technique issues.